Quick Service Restaurants Devoured Cutting Edge Technology from USS

The quick service restaurant industry’s intake of hi tech increased significantly this year thanks to USS. Exhibiting at the National Food Service Security Council (NFSSC) Expo for the first time, USS Physical Security wowed the major restaurant chains by satisfying attendees’ appetites for next generation solutions and technical expertise to enhance the physical security of their properties during the annual NFSSC expo held in Las Vegas, NV, August 4-7.

During the event, USS showcased the Scout X400 PVM, the vigilant sentry that stands guard when you can’t, and the Stealth Tracker, the cable-free surveillance camera that installs in minutes.

“The USS mission is to strategically grow business infrastructures based on individual needs and business plans,” said USS Vice President of Physical Security Gerald Becker. “Because we are a service and product integrator for our business partners, we offer a host of the best technologies while not being limited by any particular make, brand or model. We listen to our partners’ pain points and offer solutions that target individual business needs.”


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