Wi-Fi Triangulation for LP and Profit

As his watchful eyes follow the colorful dots leisurely migrating across the glowing monitor in the dimly lit room far behind the sales floor, the alert LP agent focuses intently on a particular dot that has lingered in the same location for over 15 minutes and now is finally alone.

Suddenly the dot begins travelling quickly across the screen as an alert flashes and a red symbol is paired with the moving dot. Instantly the LP agent radios his crew to close in on the west door to watch for a possible theft.

As the would-be thief rapidly approaches the west door, panic ensues when he sees three store employees standing in front of his planned exit. Dropping the Xbox, he turns and sprints wildly across the store for another exit, failing in his intended mission of theft and now afraid to return to the store in the future.

Little did the would-be thief know that his smartphone and the security device hidden in the Xbox package had betrayed his criminal intentions.

Revolutionary new technologies and applications are giving loss prevention and merchandising professionals incredible advantages to minimize loss and maximize sales and customer satisfaction.

The would-be thief from our fictional story was identified by an indoor positioning system that uses strategically placed sensors to triangulate the location of every Wi-Fi enabled device in the store without connecting to it. Whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet or a Wi-Fi enabled security device hidden in merchandise, indoor positioning systems can monitor the movement of every individual device throughout the store and alert you when one crosses any of your predetermined virtual boundaries.

With the steady growth of shoppers carrying Wi-Fi enabled devices, the potential uses of indoor positioning technology are staggering:


  • Track customer behavior throughout the store to determine high interest items and shopper habits such as dwell time
  • Easily obtain customer counts by time of day for better staffing projections
  • Generate instant accurate customer counts in each area of the store for immediate associate reassignment to better serve customers
  • Offer apps that literally guide customers to desired merchandise in the store or allow them to request associate help from any location

Loss Prevention

  • Know when high price items cross virtual boundaries you set within the store
  • Identify suspicious behavior in all areas of the facility for possible theft and vandalism

Replacing older video counting technology, indoor positioning systems offer precise accuracy and the ability to process data for exceptional customer service and LP results.

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