Front of Scout

Armed with an array of anti-tamper innovations, the Scout X400 PVM protects your products when you can’t. The rugged, advanced unit features a 9.7-inch vivid video screen and multiple, patented tamper alarms including a unique video obstruction alarm. With its advanced protection technology, you can mount the Scout X400 at face-level to record activity from the optimum vantage point and provide a strong, visible deterrent to thieves.

Back of ScoutHoused in a heavy-duty commercial-grade case, the Scout X400 also features a WDR camera, built-in DVR, battery backup and digital signage capabilities to display video messages or advertisements to maximize sales and increase your ROI.

With its multiple anti-tamper features and state-of-the-art technology, the Scout is ideal to protect product gondolas, end caps, checkout counters and aisles where expensive or frequently stolen merchandise is displayed. ORC thieves will strongly avoid merchandise protected by the Scout X400.

Find out today how the Scout X400 can be your powerful sentry against ORC.

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