An employee walks by the Universal Surveillance Systems’ Customer Service office expressing that she is feeling under the weather at the end of the day. A woman with a sweet smile and sage green eyes reminds her to de-stress and insists that she drive home carefully. Behind the sweet smile is Customer Service Manager, Kris Day, who is the first to admit that she has a motherly disposition even in the office. Kris’ caring heart and concern for others may be the key to her phenomenal customer service skills that have elevated customer relations at USS. It is no wonder that Kris was named USS’ 2013 Employee of the Year.

“I was shocked and excited,” Kris describes of the moment she received the award. “There are so many talented and hardworking employees that it could have been. It is an honor to have them pick me.” A self-driven and exceptional team member, Kris is always willing to go the extra mile to satisfy her customers and her team, whether she is providing customer service to reps, entering orders, source-tagging, or completing other duties to fulfill customer needs. “I try to exceed customers’ expectations. I like to take the extra step beyond what is expected,” she explained. Those extra steps make all the difference and have set her apart in customer service.

Before joining the USS team, Kris spent 10 years with a home improvement company as an administrative manager. Throughout her nine years at USS, she has brought light to several departments, including accounting, service, and customer service. Her motivated attitude pushes her to excel in any position and has allowed her to strengthen USS’ reputation of providing outstanding customer service.

Outside of work Kris enjoys spending free time with her husband and two daughters, a 6-year-old and a 21-year-old, who is currently serving in the U.S. Navy in Virginia. She mentions that being apart from her daughter is one of the toughest things she has had to endure. One thing that most people don’t know about Kris is that in high school she was fascinated by planes and flying. She studied travel and tourism at a trade school in Florida. “I love flying. The whole concept of these huge tin cans soaring through the air is exciting to me,” she said of the experience.

Kris expressed many reasons why she enjoys her job, but most of all she loves her interaction with people. “I enjoy the communication I have on a daily basis with our customers and sales team. Working at USS has been an incredible experience. I am proud to work for a company whose main goal is preventing crime,” she said. USS is truly fortunate to have such a hard-working, driven, and genuine person on their team.