The Mini Patriot Family of Tags Protects Effectively and In Style

The Mini Patriot Family of EAS tags gives retailers small, attractive solutions to protect merchandise with proven effective technology. These extremely effective tags come in multiple alarm levels, sizes and pin/lanyard configurations to meet a large variety of applications. All come in either AM or RF EAS technology.

Mini Patriot Washington

The USS Mini Patriot Washington Alarming Cable Tag provides two-alarm protection to allow retailers to display merchandise with confidence. The tag protects high-end clothing and accessories with its small size and attractive look. Its innovative alarm technology provides both EAS and tamper recognition alarms.

Mini Patriot Jefferson

The USS Mini Patriot Jefferson EAS/Deterrent Cable Tag comes in a small package but provides big protection allowing retailers to display high-end clothing and accessories with confidence and appeal. Its petite size and attractive design make it unobtrusive for customers reviewing the merchandise. Its tough, securely locking standard lanyard and EAS alarm provide intensive protection and deterrent value for all products. And for even greater protection visibility, the Mini Patriot Jefferson is available with a brightly flashing LED that serves as an extremely conspicuous deterrent to thieves.

Mini Patriot Lincoln

The Mini Patriot Lincoln Multi-Alarm Pin Tag provides the ultimate protection for high-end merchandise without interfering with the customer’s experience. It is equipped with EAS, tamper recognition and on or off premise alarms. Its small size and extremely tamper resistant design make it one of the most effective tags available.

Mini Patriot Roosevelt

The Mini Patriot Roosevelt Tag protects merchandise effectively and non-intrusively because of its multiple alarms, small size and good looks. It provides EAS, tamper recognition and on or off premise alarms for inclusive protection. A blinking LED shows potential thieves it’s armed and ready while serving as a major theft and tamper deterrent.

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