Leading the way in future-ready applications, USS is evolving the industry with cutting-edge technology by bringing you tomorrow’s innovations to assure you are proactively
successful today.



Custom Design Applications

Spanning the Industry Spectrum

Future-Ready Innovators of Tomorrow’s Technology

  • Source tagging gives you effective, economical loss prevention solutions with
    maximum data
  • Our systems design offer ways of controlling your loss that you never thought possible
  • Custom systems integration engineering assures that your equipment investment
    is retained
  • Increase your profitability and enhance customer satisfaction through RFID
    interactive technology

Partnerships have been the hallmark of USS since the beginning and will always drive our focus.

  • Our veteran R&D experts work in tandem with your team to build custom solutions others can’t offer
  • Collaboration to solve challenges seemingly beyond the scope of possibility fuels
    our innovation
  • We are experts in the theorization, identification, design, prototyping and deployment of solutions to let you exceed your goals
  • No customer is just another sale—Every person is a long-term partner

No two partners’ needs are the same. That’s why we delve in-depth into the multiplex of challenges faced by our partners to develop the optimum solutions.

  • We solve issues others can’t, and we won’t hesitate to take up a challenge
  • Our connection to the latest technology and outside-the-box thinking gives you unheard
    of solutions
  • Innovations from USS have withstood the test of time and become industry standards against which others are measured
  • We design seamless integration with existing technology and systems for economy and ease of use

Spanning the Industry Spectrum

  • Our extensive technological knowledge and experience spans multiple industries and disciplines for a wealth of resources from which to draw
  • Cutting edge technology, applications and solutions from all technology sectors assure full and effective integration to meet your needs
  • Applying seasoned expertise in custom product and system design, our futurists are poised to provide you with the optimum integration of applications and technology for your
    specific needs

This vigilant sentry will stand guard over your aisles and check stands when you can’t. Protected by a multitude of tamper alert alarms, the unit’s bright, eye-level high resolution monitor discourages potential thieves by alerting them that they are being watched and recorded.

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