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Setting up a geo-fence around a particular location is easy. To save battery, each GPS tracker is in sleep mode while inside the geo fence. Once the tracker detects that it is being moved it goes into alarm mode and reports it location at regular intervals, as determined by the LP manager.

A USS executive carried a test device on a business trip while the company’s R&D department tracked him. Blue bubble one the right shows the gate where his airplane arrived, and bubbles on the left show him walking to the gate for his connecting flight.

The precision of the tracker is visible in this picture where the tracker is reporting its location every 30 seconds. Visible is not just that the device was at a particular airport, but its exact path during taxiing.

The view can be switched between the satellite image and Google Maps.

LP manager can easily see the location of every device nationwide.

When not in alarm mode, the device will report its health and status once a day. LP manager can also check on a particular device remotely at any time.

LP manager can pinpoint the exact location of the room in the building where the item is hidden.

Google Street View can be used to also pinpoint the item’s location within a particular building.