Physical Security

Uniting people, procedures and hardware/software technology, Physical Security protects assets through enterprise access control, digital video/CCTV innovation and biometric authentication programs.
Backed by years of successful experience in a host of industries, we quickly gain insight into the integral functions and goals of your business to formulate the essential points to design, analyze and implement a total design solution in line with your business objectives.
Our experts are ready to provide you with system consulting and design; installation and maintenance service; system integration; and project management. We also represent the top equipment manufacturers in the world to bring you the precise system to meet your needs and grown with you easily and economically.

  • Expert installation throughout the country
  • From single camera installation to multi-state multi-site program rollouts—No job is too small or too large
  • In-depth expertise with all types of technologies, systems and applications
  • Our Enterprise Cloud System lets you easily follow the project every step of the way through to completion

  • Individual consultation and exhaustive data collection regarding your issues, goals and technology
  • Extensive analysis of current systems, operations, vulnerabilities, expectations, plans and resources
  • Experts in open architecture for future-proof engineering
  • Custom system design options built around your objectives, situational analysis and budget
  • Focus on program goals, efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Available system and equipment options span the full spectrum of technology including the latest cutting edge innovations

  • Ready 24/7 to solve any issue to bring your system to peak operating perfection
  • Enterprise Cloud System provides a window for you to monitor service status with details down to replacement part numbers
  • Easily input service requests for real time dispatching
  • Quickly track service orders nationally, regionally or per location
  • Historical service data at your fingertips

  • USS partners with the top technology innovators to bring true solutions integration with optimally-customized design
  • Experienced technical expertise to integrate disparate existing systems into one platform for maximum efficiency and control
  • Seamless integration between new and existing systems to assure legacy technology remains viable

  • Dedicated project managers with multiple professional certifications and extensive experience in all types of systems and cutting edge technologies
  • Solid experience in assuring local, regional and national projects go smoothly and on schedule
  • Detailed management of all facets of project and full compliance with all building codes and jurisdictional requirements
  • Collaboration with you on progress and to answer any questions or resolve any concerns

This vigilant sentry will stand guard over your aisles and check stands when you can’t. Protected by a multitude of tamper alert alarms, the unit’s bright, eye-level high resolution monitor discourages potential thieves by alerting them that they are being watched and recorded.

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The Stealth Tracker has given us the ability to quickly deploy cameras to locations that have an urgent need for surveillance monitoring. It allows us to relocate CCTV cameras quickly and cost-effectively whenever needed. The Stealth Tracker concept is unbelievably fast and simple.

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What People are saying about USS

When you couple excellent products with dedicated professional service, it’s a winning combination for everybody involved. USS is a true partner because of its dedication to that service and also because of the innovation of its products.

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