Panomorph 360° Lens

Easy 360° CCTV Camera Upgrade with Fisheye Correction

This easy upgrade to many existing CCTV cameras* will let you view all directions simultaneously without fisheye distortion. You’ll get clear, unbelievably crisp video coverage with computer distortion correction and forensic navigation on all recorded video.** One camera can take the place of four for substantial savings on camera installation and maintenance. A host of popular cameras can be quickly retrofitted with a Panomorph 360° lens*, and the easy-to-use software will propel you to the ultimate in state-of-the-art digital video surveillance.

* Fits many popular CCTV cameras. See the USS webstie or contact a USS CCTV specialist for a comprehensive list.
** Compatible with numerous video management system applications. See the USS website or contact a USS CCTV specialist for a comprehensive list.


  • Easy to install lens converts your existing cameras* into the ultimate panoramic video surveillance tool
  • Helps eliminate “blind” spots and lets you view, record and playback video in full 360° FOV
  • Confirms compliance and analyzes activity by remote operators
  • Improves reaction time of in-store security
  • Gives you “real time” 360° FOV marketing intelligence
  • Software provides 360° Forensic Navigation on all recorded video

Product Information Sheet


  • Product Code: USS-360LZ-I (with iris) USS-360LZ-NI (with out iris)
  • Super wide angle of 182° x 360°
  • Optimized design for VGA to 1.3MPx sensors, analog and IP
  • Standard CS metal mount
  • Three axes sensor centering adjustment
  • All high quality glass elements
  • ImmerVision Enables® SDK available for DVR/NVR/VMS integration
  • Patented Panomorph optical technology
  • Weight: 6.35 oz. (180 g)

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