What USS product is ideal for your store?

1. What merchandise do you primarily sell?

A. Clothing and handbags
B. Electronics
C. Food and Drug

2. What is your biggest LP pet peeve?

A. Pins that leave holes in higher-end merchandise
B. Loss prevention solutions that scratch or wear down easily
C. High cost and major labor to install or move surveillance cameras

3. What LP solutions do you prefer to use?

A. EAS tags
B. Clear polycarbonate containers
C. Security cameras

4. What merchandise do you find gets stolen the most?

A. Handbags
B. Print Cartridges or other electronics
C. A variety of different items


Mostly A’s

The product for you is the Mini Patriot Alarming Cable Tag. This amazing tag utilizes a lanyard instead of a pin and is durable and easy to use. This tag is perfect for high-end apparel, especially handbags.

Mostly B’s

The product for you is USS’ variety of Vaults. Our Vaults are difficult to defeat and come in a variety of sizes. Unlike other security containers, our Vaults are made of tough polycarbonate that lasts for years and are hard to scratch. They are perfect for a variety of merchandise, including electronics.

Mostly C’s

The product for you is the revolutionary new USS Stealth Tracker CCTV camera. The Stealth Tracker can be installed in less than a minute anywhere you have tack lighting. No power cables! Taking its power from the track lighting mount, the Stealth Tracker transmits video feed to your monitor/DVR via a secure Wi-Fi network. No video cables! With these incredible features, you can locate and relocate cameras quickly and inexpensively as your merchandise or facility configuration changes. Find out how to revolutionize your surveillance system today!

For more information on specific solutions or to discuss how we can solve your LP challenges, contact our sales team at 1-800-488-9097 or email us at expert@universaleas.com