USS Foundation Donates over 400 Bikes to Underprivileged Kids in Four States through Adopt-A-Bike

Just in time for the holidays, the USS Foundation completed its delivery of over 400 new bikes to underprivileged children in North Carolina, Idaho, Florida and California. The foundation’s Adopt-A-Bike program donates bicycles to children in need across the nation to encourage them to work hard, obey the rules, stay in school and break the cycle of poverty.

In NorthCarolina, the Loss Prevention Foundation supported by the Lowe’s LP and Safety Department raised funds to donate over 100 new bicycles to children in need at Devonshire Elementary School in Charlotte, NC.

The USS Foundation raised funds for bicycles donated to children at Bruneau Elementary in Bruneau, ID; KEC Canal Point Elementary in Canal Point, FL; Randall Pepper Elementary in Fontana, CA; and the Fontana Mobile Home Park in Fontana, CA. The bikes were presented at special school assemblies and events with Santa on hand to direct the bike giveaways.

To encourage student excellence throughout the year, 12 additional bikes will be presented in June to recognize two outstanding students in each grade at Devonshire Elementary and KEC Canal Point Elementary for their effort, achievement and behavior.

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