Universal Surveillance Systems to Introduce Most Significant Loss Prevention Breakthrough in 20 Years at NRF Conference

Revolutionary new system locates EAS-tagged merchandise hidden in boxes or between other items at the check stand

Rancho Cucamonga, CA – June 12, 2012 – Universal Surveillance Systems LLC (USS), the largest privately held supplier of retail loss prevention (LP) technology in the United States, will unveil the new Scorpion HD System that detects stolen merchandise hidden in boxes or between other items at the check stand at the upcoming National Retail Federation (NRF) Loss Prevention Conference in New Orleans, June 20-21, 2012 in Booth 1101.

The most significant technological breakthrough in loss prevention in decades, the Scorpion HD solves the growing problem of retail thieves placing high value merchandise with electronic article surveillance (EAS) tags in large boxes of lower priced items or between lower priced items and then paying the lower price while stealing the hidden high value items. EAS tags concealed in boxes or on thieves’ bodies will trigger the system’s alarm, which will continue as long as there are unpaid for items, alerting the sales associate of possible stolen merchandise so they can investigate. The self-contained unit’s sensitive compact sensors are essentially invisible to the customer.

“Until now, would-be stolen merchandise could not be detected until it left the store,” said Adel Sayegh, President and CEO of USS. “And even when an alarm sounds, thieves are often waived through by sales associates uncomfortable with challenging customers or concerned with maintaining customer throughput. With the Scorpion HD, concealed merchandise can be discovered right at the check stand, giving retailers an incredibly effective solution to this pervasive problem.”

“The Scorpion HD is the most significant loss prevention innovation in years,” continued Sayegh. “This silent apprehender of stolen merchandise is the critical solution that our partners have been asking for. Current methods to find concealed merchandise can be intrusive to customers and create a liability in delivering excellent customer service. We successfully engineered a solution that allows retailers to keep customers happy while stopping thieves hiding merchandise in and between other items.”

It will immediately reduce shrinkage at all locations of a store, improve profit performance, increase customer service by identifying all EAS tags at the point of payment, reduce customer front door embarrassment and conflicts, eliminate failures to remove tags and enhance check stand throughput resulting in improved customer service. In addition, its small size won’t require modifications of cash wraps or be obvious to customers.

Steve McClain, USS Executive Vice President and veteran retail loss prevention executive with over 35 years of service in the industry, said, “This is one of the most effective tools to prevent retail theft that I have seen in years. Its implementation will provide a much needed way to stop this growing and often effective method of stealing merchandise while improving customer service.”

USS will demonstrate the Scorpion HD at the National Retail Federation Conference using a box containing numerous high value items hidden inside.

For more information, contact USS at 1-800-488-9097.