New Titan™ Tag from USS Provides Pinless Protection for High-End Merchandise

Rancho Cucamonga, CA – October 23, 2013Universal Surveillance Systems LLC (USS), the loss prevention technology company, has introduced the TitanTM Tag, a revolutionary new pinless way to safely protect shoes, boots, suits and other high-value merchandise without creating damaging pinholes or interfering with the customer’s experience. The Titan is available in a two- or three-alarm configuration with AM or RF EAS protection, an audible tamper alarm and an optional off-premises alarm and RFID technology.

The Titan’s locking arm quickly and firmly clamps the patent-pending gripping mechanism to almost any kind of material yet will not harm delicate merchandise if pulled off when the lock is engaged. The Titan is also ideal for high theft products that pins cannot penetrate such as saw blades. Thieves removing a locked Titan will set off its loud alarm to alert store staff of its removal. As a tamper deterrent, the tag’s bright, blinking LED provides a very visible indicator that it is armed and operating. In addition, because of its non-intrusive size and design, the Titan allows customers to try on products without interference.

“Until now, attaching a security tag to high-end leather, suede and vinyl products such as boots, shoes and jackets without puncturing or damaging them has been very difficult,” said USS President and CEO Adel Sayegh. “The Titan Tag gently but securely grips onto sensitive materials using an innovative locking mechanism and won’t interfere with the customer’s shopping experience. Because of its firm grip, it also meets the need for a fast gripping tag for hard, flat merchandise that can’t take a pin. Its multiple security levels provide very secure protection, and the tag’s very visible blinking LED is an extremely strong theft deterrent. The innovative Titan meets the industry’s need for an effective tag for formerly difficult-to-protect high-value items frequentlytargeted by thieves.”

For more information on the Titan Tag, visit call 1-800-488-9097.

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