New, More Aggressive Milli Tag XD Released by USS

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif., (July 16, 2014) – – Is Milli Tag XD the meanest-looking EAS tag on the market? The folks at USS emphatically say – yes. The California-based company just released the “extreme duty” (XD) version of its popular Milli Tag, featuring an oversized speaker grill and an optional blinking LED light.

“We wanted to call it The Intimidator, but our marketing folks told us we should stick with our well-known Milli brand name,” said Michael Sayegh, the technology project manager at USS. “The way we designed this tag is to have thieves think long and hard before attempting to steal or remove it. Everything about the new Milli Tag XD says ‘Don’t mess with me.’”

“As with our previous Milli models, we used a pin with a flat back,” said Marc Trincale, USS’ R&D manager. “A small detail maybe, but flat back means that the customer trying on a garment will not feel that the tag is there – nothing is pushing against him or her. For USS, having a tag that does not deter from a shopping experience is just as important as reducing shrink.”

The new Milli-Tag XD is available in pin or lanyard variants, can be configured with AM or RF technology, or used as Benefit Denial only tag. Photos, more information and a free sample are all available at the company’s site:

Click Here to Download the Press Release