The Universal Intelligence Network: Pioneering the Technology of Tomorrow

Universal Surveillance Systems (USS) leads the industry as the defining innovator of security and loss prevention solutions through its Universal Intelligence Network (UIN). This strategic initiative channels tomorrow’s technology into products, systems and platforms that will catapult your programs far beyond all expectations.

UIN spearheads development of state-of-the-art innovations in physical security, electronic article surveillance (EAS) and consumer engagement providing the bridge to new technologies as they evolve to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world.

The core of the UIN is system integration to dissolve the collaboration barriers often found in monolithic organizations where departments and systems function independently. Cohesive communication exchanges across platforms, departments and functions utilizing proven technological innovations will seamlessly integrate systems throughout the organization. The result is revolutionary global communications, functionality, growth and customer satisfaction.

UIN’s operations integrate continuous evaluation and development of breaking technology with an in-depth understanding of retail, security and loss prevention disciplines in all sectors. As a result, the UIN is the “go-to” authority for cutting edge solutions that will optimize your physical security, loss prevention and customer engagement initiatives for maximum ROI.

Keep on top of the rapidly changing industry technology by joining the UIN. There is no cost and the benefits are enormous:

  • The latest technology news as it relates to the industry
  • New ideas and applications for existing technology
  • Expert advice from top engineers in the field to help solve your issues and challenges

Join today to be ready for tomorrow: