Tracking Technology from Crime Dramas Comes to Retail LP

Unseen by the store’s surveillance cameras, the thief masterfully sweeps his arm over the high-end purse, which vanishes from view as if by magic. Melting anonymously into the streaming sea of shoppers, the thief leisurely strolls out of the busy store and into his dilapidated car whose trunk is already overflowing with a host of other stolen goods.

Upon arriving at the grimy house serving as the fencing headquarters, the thief smugly smiles as he carts armfuls of merchandise inside to add to the stacks of stolen items to be listed for sale online. A typical busy day for a prolific thief.

Minutes later, the loud knock at the door sharply startles him as he begins to list the items. Peering warily out the dirty living room window, full panic ensues when he realizes it is the police.

As the thief is led away in handcuffs, he learns his exact location was pinpointed thanks to a small GPS (Global Positioning System) transmitter hidden in the stolen purse. As a result of the deployable GPS technology now available to retailers, thousands of dollars of stolen merchandise were recovered, and the crime wave of the very prolific thief and his fencing operation came to an abrupt end.

The above story is fiction, but the technology is real, and it’s now available to the loss prevention industry to track stolen items, aid in their recovery and build cases to convict thieves.

Here’s how it works:

  • The heart of the system is an easy to conceal GPS transmitter with rechargeable lithium ion battery that is hidden in merchandise.
  • The user sets up a predefined geographic perimeter (typically the area of the store). When the GPS transmitter is within that perimeter, it will be in standby mode.
  • The GPS transmitter sends out a ping in standby mode every 24 hours for regular status/identification that can be watched live
  • An integrated EAS circuit is built into the GPS transmitter so EAS pedestals will detect it passing through and alarm.
  • GPS transmitter does not alarm allowing it to stay with the merchandise as long as possible.
  • When the GPS transmitter crosses the predefined geographic perimeter, it automatically goes into active tracking mode and sends an alert
  • By logging onto the web portal through any computer or smart phone connected to the Internet (ID and password protected), LP staff can get real-time turn-by-turn tracking with 8- to-15 foot accuracy with GPS
  • You can watch a graphical interface showing the exact location of the GPS transmitter in real time to alert police to location of the merchandise or relay the actual travel of vehicle

The GPS transmitters are small and easy to conceal. The battery has a 60-hour capacity when in non-tracking/standby mode and a 4-hour battery capacity when in tracking mode with transmissions every 60 seconds. Recharging is easily done overnight via a plug on the GPS transmitter.

Find out more about this revolutionary new LP tool that follows your stolen merchandise wherever it goes.

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