Mirage RF Pedestal System

Strength and Economy Built with state-of-the-art digital RF technology, the Mirage offers exceptional EAS performance. The slim ergonomic design is virtually invisible and looks flawless in any doorway. The Mirage is a perfect match for any retail environment where ease of installation and high detection rates are critical. Each Mirage acrylic pedestal system is compatible with USS’ complete line of RF tags and labels. It has the capability of remote system monitoring via a customer-provided unrestricted internet port. The Mirage illuminates with your choice of programmable alarm colors making a system breach visible from any direction. The pedestals contain a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) transceiver, which provides a stable, highly effective, and efficient system.


  • Advanced DSP Algorithm Transceiver
  • High Detection Rate
  • Large Detection Perimeter – Up to 3′ on each side
  • Easy Installation and Plug in Power Supply
  • Remote Calibration and Diagnostics Capabilities
  • Adjustable Sound Alarm
  • RGB LED Optically Diffused Visual Alarm
  • Add 3 Additional Systems without Wired Synchronization
  • Alternative RF Systems available in Acrylic, Chrome and ABS Profiles

Product Information Sheet


  • Product Code: USS-PVM9
    1. UNI-Mono8.2A/1M300 (1 crossbar antenna)
    2. UNI-Mono8.2A/3M300 (3 crossbar antennas)
    3. UNI-Mono8.2A/V2/CT400 (1 crossbar antenna)
    4. UNI-Mono8.2A/V2/CT400/3BAR (3 crossbar antennas)
  • Frequency: 8.2MHz
  • Weight (w/o Power Supply)
    1. 28 lbs. (CT300)
    2. 35 lbs. (CT400)
  • Dimensions:
    1. 62” H x 12” W x 3.5” D (CT300)
    2. 62” H x 15” W x 3.5” D (CT400)
  • Power Supply: Input AC: 115V @ 60Hz
  • Alarm Indications: Sound and RGB LED

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