RFID Solutions Beyond Inventory and Logistics
RFID technology helps large retailers improve the efficiency of their inventory and logistics management. After 17 years at the forefront of RFID development, no one understands that better than USS and its partners. But did you know that RFID solutions can do a lot more than track what you have? Like help you reduce shrinkage? And help you increase your sales?

Increase your accuracy
When each item in your warehouse, retail location or factory is RFID-tagged, you always know exactly what you have, where it came from, when it arrived, and where it is. You can track items from the point of manufacture or purchase to the point of sale. You reduce errors inherent in hand-counting and increase the accuracy of your inventory data. Motorola’s research shows that an RFID solution can increase inventory accuracy to between 98% and 99.9%.

Improve quality control
Track data beyond inventory levels: know product expiration dates, batch numbers and origination points. Know when the product needs to be moved out quickly, when it should be removed off the shelves, and which items are subject to a recall order.

Streamline your inventory and logistics management
RFID combined with high speed data transmission and database logging can help you:

  • o Automate stock replenishment
  • o Automate incoming and outgoing orders
  • o Automate shipping notices and tracking of delivery
  • o Automate flagging of rush orders
  • o Automate transition doors: know when an items comes out from the back stock to the sales floor

Did we just repeat the word “automate” five times? Yes. Because to automate means to reduce labor and errors in the shipping and receiving process. It also saves you money by allowing you to maintain a leaner inventory with less capital tied up on your shelves. Motorola’s data suggests that the inventory and carrying costs can be decreased between 30% and 59%, while at the same time reducing the out-of-stock instances by 60% to 80%.

Improve the efficiency of your workforce
Free up your employees for more productive work. Motorola noticed a drop of 91% in receiving time alone.

Reduce Shrinkage
Spot thefts and identify theft patterns. RFID-tagged items can communicate wirelessly with other security devices such as RFID interrogators near point-of-sale systems and exits. You will know not just that the product disappeared from your stock, but when and if this is happening regularly.

Increase Sales
Help your company increase revenues with smart RFID solutions. A display can automatically play promotional or instructional videos when the product is removed from the shelf. Encourage purchase; upsell by suggesting accessories, related items and extended warranties. Motorola’s white paper notes increases in sales as low as 4% and as high as 21%, units-per-transaction increases of up to 19%, and dollars per transaction increases of 6%.

Improve Customer Experience
RFID-tagged items allow you to interact with your customers through new technologies. Increase customer satisfaction while at the same time increasing your sales.

What We Can Do for You
USS has 17 years of experience in RFID. We have an established market presence with an in-depth understanding of retail operation. Still, we do not sell a pre-made, boxed product. Instead we make RFID solutions customized for you. From smallest labels on the market to designing customized intelligent responsive active tag solutions, we have tackled it all. With USS you get a dedicated team of experts who will listen, develop and deploy solution, then provide ongoing support unmatched in the industry.

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