USS is the leading security solution provider in Machine-to-Machine technology with its pledge to assure all new technology is connected anywhere, anytime. Technology moves fast, but problems often move faster. Sometimes departments within an organization are slow to adapt or do not have the resources to cope with new technology being added to their infrastructure. USS has partnered with major communication carriers to free those constraints, creating a network for each department to call their own.

When remote locations need servicing, USS will dial in and save the cost of a technician visit. USS can service almost any system in the marketplace that has the ability to operate on a network. If the location is in the middle of remote Montana or in the hustle and bustle of New York City, USS provides remote coverage. USS systems can operate on the network of any organization or USS can create a customized network just for you.

USS is developing an army of intelligent devices to arm organizations in the fight against theft. USS designed custom devices that provide periodic or on-demand reporting based on needs. USS ensures they can be powered utilizing sun, wind, movement and more to keep these devices charged up and running strong, so there is never a worry about equipment being offline.

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