Global solutions for global problems. USS is trailblazing asset tracking and recovery solutions as well as logistic and supply chain security solutions. With our state-of-the-art military grade GPS technology, USS is revolutionizing the security world. You can precisely view asset movement like never before with time and location updates periodically or on demand.

USS personal protection and monitoring devices can provide peace of mind to a manager in a high-risk area so they know there is always someone on the other end. V.I.P. protections and monitoring allow you to be vigilant and ahead of the game. From proof-of-life to heart rate monitoring, we are developing customized solutions using technology seen only in sci-fi movies.

Track any asset in any environment at any time. Knowledge is half the battle. The technology USS is developing with its UIN partners will be the defining solution for the next generation in the battle against theft and other challenges throughout the organization. Imagine a program where you can locate the time and place something went missing and call up its current location on demand. That’s the power of the UIN.

USS enables you to see your entire fleet at a glance to determine which vehicles are on and off. For active vehicles, you can watch in real time their route, speed and other critical information. Specifically designed systems will give you real-time information and reports about your organization’s fleet behavior.

For containers, we not only give you mission critical data in terms of logistics, but our devices will also notify you of where and when each container is opened and closed.

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