In the Electronic Article Surveillance arena, USS has been pioneering AM, RF, and RFID technologies with custom applications and building programs for its partners from the ground up. It is not about a boxed product but about what the technology can provide organizations and how that information is communicated across all stakeholders.

The dawn of the next generation of EAS tags is rapidly rising based on advanced USS development initiatives with partners through the UIN. Far beyond conventional EAS expectations, the next generation of hard tags integrates intelligent data and responsive technology for exponential capabilities. Our extensive R&D programs assure maximum associate throughput and minimal impact on the aesthetics of your merchandise. We listen to your needs and work with your merchandisers to provide collaborative satisfaction and real results.

Pedestal systems are an integral piece of your organization’s protection solutions and leave their mark visually in the footprint of each store. As a result, USS has pioneered a vast variety of systems to meet almost any need ranging from 12’+ systems to hidden systems installed in fixtures and columns within the store to detectors for booster bags, jammers and detachers. We do it all. When our partners needed customized EAS system solutions to combat box stuffing, employee theft and other challenges that no one else offered, we delivered.

Understanding the full extent of RFID is a fundamental expertise of USS. After all, we started as an RFID company over 17 years ago. When it comes to developing, understanding and deploying RFID, everyone else is just jumping on the bandwagon. Over the years we’ve developed highly customized laser-focused solutions. From engineering some of the smallest labels on the market to designing intelligent responsive active tag solutions, we constantly break the mold. RFID is key in giving you control. There is no boxed solution for our partners at USS. They get exactly what they need– Highly customizable and highly reliable solutions. That’s the USS pledge.

Years of experience in developing source tagging programs and supply solutions have honed our expertise to help you build your dream program effectively and economically. We understand that every party to the source tagging solution has critical requirements and wants to make the program successful. We are here to make it happen.

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