Most would say Consumer Engagement is not in the directive of loss prevention. At USS we think it is a crucial function of the LP department and believe that LP should fully equate to “sales enablement.” To further this mission, USS has developed creative ways of leveraging the buying power of your organization’s other departments, such as marketing, sales and operations, to share costs for the technology of the future. USS solutions do not just prevent loss; they enable sales.

Engage your customers. Provide a shopping experience area of the future where they can wave an item in front of a touch screen monitor and see different styles, sizes, colors, etc. Suggest accessories. Your marketing and sales teams will be awed by the significant time and energy your consumers will willingly spend interacting with your organization’s products all while the systems collect critical, useable data about those interactions. Not only do these systems fit your style on the sales floor, but they can be placed in fitting rooms to enhance customer experience while providing LP important knowledge of all items going into the fitting room and when they leave.

What’s the profile of the customer walking by? Male? Female? Young? Senior? Put targeted advertising videos and images in front of the appropriate demographics showing your consumers products that are detailed to their specific market. Is there a consumer dwelling for a long period in a specific area? Let our digital signage system play video highlighting the product they are looking at. Our digital signage systems give your organization the ability to focus on your consumer base and to always make sure the message you want to get across is flawlessly communicated.

Big data is the name of the game. From video analytics to product interaction data, USS initiatives through the UIN will help your organization collect pertinent, useable information to enable sales while protecting products. Available data includes facial recognition, product interaction, dwell time, how many times items are picked up, when an item left a location, the current location of an item, and the list goes on and on. Through custom integration and custom engineering, our development and deployment teams are constantly changing the game for our partners. We are here to listen to your needs and develop the engine to provide you the information to get the job done.

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