Escalate The Battle Against ORC

Since the start of the year, people from all aspects of the LP community including retail, security, legislation and law enforcement have extended their knowledge of ORC through a series of free monthly StopORC Webinars.

In February, Michigan State Representative Joseph Graves treated attendees to an informative presentation discussing Writing, Promoting And Passing Aggressive ORC Legislation at the inaugural Webinar.

In March, the guest speaker, Scott Sanford, Director of Investigations & Training at Barnes & Noble, gave tips for how to catch ORC thieves and discussed their exploits including video taped confessions of ORC criminals describing their sophisticated operations.

April’s Webinar featured David M. Williams, Assistant Illinois State Attorney, Special Prosecution Bureau, who covered Investigations and Prosecution of ORC Cases with Private/Public Partnerships. His discussion gave great insight into how retailers are handling special cases and coming together to tackle problems.

The Webinars are reaching a vast growing audience and have emerged as a new indispensible resource to help combat ORC, learn and share among those in the industry.

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Join the next StopORC Webinar May 30th, featuring Mark VanBeest, Director of Global Security and Investigations at JC Penney to continue learning, sharing and educating others against this gnawing epidemic. ORC does not stop, why should you?

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