• Perfect for malls that don’t allow floor pedestals
  • Slender, modern design that blends into the store environment
  • Easily installed on door frames or walls
  • No trip hazard since the system does not touch the floor
  • Top quality acrylic provides advertising space if desired
  • Jammer Alarm alerts your staff if someone is interfering with the system.
  • Near-tag alert helps your staff avoid false alarms.
  • Green mode helps save electricity by turning the system off when the store is closed.
  • Relay output allows for triggering a camera event (video bookmark) or triggering an external alarm annunciator.
  • Programmable light and sound sequences allow you to customize your system’s appearance.
  • Integrated people counter



  • Reporting software
    • Logs the number of people walking in and walking out
    • Logs all alarm events: jammer or EAS, and whether the person was entering or exiting. This helps you track ORC activity by store; noticing a spike in alarms in one store allows you to shift your personnel as needed.
  • Remote access through TechConnect™
    • Remote troubleshooting and maintenance saves time and money by reducing the number of times a technician needs to come on site.
  • Remote alarm can alert your staff to a theft via text or pagers rather than sounding an audible alarm.
  • External alarm annunciator

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